The College at Brockport is very proud to showcase publications by our esteemed faculty members. This collection features works published by the faculty and professionals, both current and former, of the Department of Biology. These publications are comprised of articles submitted to scholarly and peer-reviewed academic journals.


Submissions from 2016


Drosophila Enhancer of Rudimentary Homolog, ERH, Is a Binding Partner of RPS3, RPL19, and DDIT4, Suggesting a Mechanism for the Nuclear Localization of ERH, Stuart I. Tsubota and Anthony C. Phillips

Submissions from 2012


Ultra-Structural Identification of the Interstitial Cells of Cajal in the Zebrafish Danio rerio, Evan R. Ball, Miho M. Matsuda, Louis Dye, Victoria Hoffmann, Patricia M. Zerfas, Eva Szarek, Adam Rich, Ajay Chitnis, and Constantine A. Stratakis

Submissions from 2009


The α 1H Ca2+ channel subunit is expressed in mouse jejunal interstitial cells of Cajal and myocytes, Simon J. Gibbons, Peter R. Strege, Sha Lei, Jaime L. Roeder, Amelia Mazzone, Yijun Ou, Adam Rich, and Gianrico Farrugia

Submissions from 2008


Expression and Comparative Genomics of Two Serum Response Factor Genes in Zebrafish, Jody L. Davis, Xiaochun Long, Mary A. Georger, Ian C. Scott, Adam Rich, and Joseph A. Miano

Submissions from 2006


Ultrastructure of Zebra Fish Dorsal Aortic Cells, Joseph A. Miano, Mary A. Georger, Adam Rich, and Karen L. De Mesy Bentley