Students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry learn from a dedicated and experienced faculty. We incorporate both tried and true methodologies and in addition are expanding to bring more novel technologies to our research labs.

Collected here are honors theses produced by students in Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the College at Brockport.


Theses from 2015


Aggregation Properties of Ionic Liquids in Low Polarity Solvents, Elise Cade

Theses from 2012


Heats of Dissolution of Several Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids into Low Dielectric Media, Nathan Scharf

Theses from 2011


Molecular Solvation in Phosphonium Ionic Liquids, Kathleen M. Barra


The Effects of the Storage Conditions of the Juice and the Effects of Nutrient Supplementation on Wine Fermentation, Stephanie Geer

Theses from 2008


NMR Diffusion and Relaxation Studies on Surfactant Systems, Steven J. Seedhouse

Theses from 2005


Intermolecular Interactions of Two Non-Ionic Surfactants with Water Studied Through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Megan E. Bennett