Erie Canal Interdisciplinary Research Lab

Erie Canal Interdisciplinary Research Lab

The Erie Canal called the town of Brockport into being and has been part of its life for 200 years. It transformed commerce in the United States and stands as one of the longest and most famous canals in the world. Over 350 miles long with 36 locks, the Erie Canal was created as a tool for commerce, but has also generated a deep history of influence and culture.

Taking advantage of the College at Brockport’s location on the banks of the canal, and adopting the laboratory model of faculty/student research as a starting point, the canal lab provides a platform for research projects focused on the canal. Lab research projects engage as many aspects of our College and of communities along the canal as our participants choose to pursue.

Join us on September 18 from 3:30-5:00 pm to lay the groundwork for the "Canal Lab"! At this meeting we will introduce a form of experiential faculty-student research dedicated to the Erie Canal. We are eager to develop interdisciplinary canal lab projects. Brainstorm with us.

Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 301

For further information feel free to contact either:
Greg Garvey (Department of English)

or Jose Torre (Department of History)