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2001 Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Documentation for the Department of Mathematics at the SUNY College at Brockport.


The accompanying pages represent the latest step in the development of an APT document for the Department of Mathematics. The initial genesis of such a document was in response to Dean Robert McLean’s request that all departments in the School of Letters and Sciences discuss, approve, and publish criteria governing personnel decisions. Such discussions were conducted in department meetings during the Spring 1998 semester, with the final version approved by the faculty at that time. This document was submitted to Dean McLean.

In response to Vice President Flanagan’s call for an update of all existing departmental APT documents by the end of the Spring 1999 semester, our department took a fresh look at the earlier APT guidelines. This review was conducted in the context of the changing mission and focus of the College, emphasizing student success and increased retention, as well as in response to the Faculty Roles and Rewards document approved by the Faculty Senate before the end of the Fall 1998 semester. A draft of the APT criteria, taking into account discussion by all the full-time faculty in the department, was completed in May 1999. That document has been further refined, in response to comments from both Dean Maggiotto and Vice President Flanagan.