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A memorial award in perpetuity was established in 1976 by friends and colleagues of the late Dr. Blaine DeLancey, Professor of English at Brockport, 1934-1966. This award is given annually to an undergraduate or graduate major in the Department of English who submits the best critical essay (either original material or the result of research) on (1) a British or American author, (2) a literary genre, or (3) some combination of (1) and (2). The winning essay is determined by a committee within the Department of English.

In 1979, this award was given to Nancy Kress, who later served on the faculty at The College at Brockport, and went on to become a world famous author.

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The Blaine DeLancey Memorial Award

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The Precious Dark: Frost's Treatment of Science


On page 4 of the essay, some of the text is faded and unreadable. Here is what it should say:

A baggy figure, equally pathetic
When sedentary and when peripatetic

We're not very far
Out from where we were.
It's still Kitty Hawk.