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The stigmas surrounding bisexuality for not adhering to a single gendered attraction is a form of delegitimizing the identity with negative associations. By labeling bisexuals as promiscuous, confused, or sexual experimenters it devalues the sexualities respectable and natural existence. The mental and physical repercussions of these biases prove the detrimental effects these stigmas and exclusion have on the bi community. The recent LGBT legal advances and the awareness brought to the sexuality through celebrities has helped to decrease its invisibility however there needs to be more positive awareness brought to the sexuality. With the assistance of allies and advocacy, the bi community can debunk the negative stereotypes and explain the legitimacy of their sexuality and in return receive the respect their orientation deserves.

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2017 Douglas A. Feldman LGBT Paper Award

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Biphobia: A Culture of Delegitimizing and Stigmatizing Bisexuality


The Douglas A. Feldman LGBT Paper Award was created to award undergraduate students who write an academic research paper, either original research or a review of the literature, focusing on the social and cultural experiences of LBGT individuals.

This paper was the runner-up in the award category.