Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Jean B. Bobear


This study investigates the diversity of flora in the woodland area of Brighton Town Park, in a suburban area in Western New York. Data was collected through weekly field observation visits during the growing season (April – October) in 1981. The researcher also made monthly visits during the winter months (November 1981 – February 1982). She then resumed frequent visits on a daily to a weekly basis in March of 1982, continuing through May of that year. The researcher took extensive field notes which included information the sequence of blooming times of flowering plants, and observations of the frequency of occurrence and distribution of the species found in the park. The researcher took special note on the locations of rare/scarce plants and the distribution of all species with respect to the presence of the three major habitat types of the woodland (Beech-Maple [SAF 60], Swamp Forest [SAF 39], and an edge habitat at the woodland’s perimeter). Ten soil samples were also collected in October 1981 to provide data on soil pH. Additional field observations include seasonal changes in leaf litter and changes in the amount/pattern of light that reached the floor. Plants which grew only in light patches created by tree falls were noted as well. Results include floristic results, a list of dominant and associated tree species, a map of the locations of scarce trees, a list of toxic flora found in the woodland, and a species list of vascular plants. Appendices include soil pH measurements, soil types, and food values to wildlife.


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