Global AIDS Policy


Global AIDS Policy



An estimated 17 million people are infected with HIV today, and it is estimated that in Africa alone there will be at least 70 million people infected in the next 25 years. This global pandemic has already had a profound impact economically and socially in terms of expensive research, care centers, and immeasurable loss of many of the world's most talented people. Sexual relations, health care of non-infected individuals, family relations, and other social institutions have been significantly marked by this elusive and to date life-threatening phenomenon. Topics range from breastfeeding to condom use, from apathetic governments to immigration policy. Dr. Feldman and his contributors evaluate various policies that have been proposed or adopted on four continents and provide a needed perspective on planetary problems. - Publisher description



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Westport, Conn. : Bergin & Garvey, 1994.

x, 250 p. ; 25 cm.

Chiefly previously unpublished papers presented at the Mar. 1991 Society for Applied Anthropology Meeting in Charleston, S.C., and at the Nov. 1990 American Anthropological Association Meeting in New Orleans, La.


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Located in Drake Library at: RA644.A25 G54 1994

Edited by Douglas A. Feldman.

CONTENTS: Introduction / by Douglas A. Feldman -- Behind the Wall of China: AIDS Profile, AIDS Policy / by Vincent E. Gil -- Public Policy, Political Activism, and AIDS in Brazil / by Richard G. Parker -- The Response of Non-Governmental Organization in Latin America to HIV Infection and AIDS: A Vehicle for Grasping the Contribution NGOs Make to Health and Development / by Pamela Hartigan -- HIV, Immigration Policy, and Latinos/as: Public Health Safety versus Hidden Agendas / by Norris G. Lang -- Culture, Sexual Behavior and Attitudes towards Condom Use among Baganda Women / by Charles B. Rwabukwali ... [et al.] -- AIDS in Ghana: Priorities and Policies / by Robert W. Porter Apartheid and the Politics of AIDS / by Virginia van der Vliet -- The Politics of International Health: Breastfeeding and HIV / by Dana Raphael -- AIDS Policy and the United States Political Economy / by Michael D. Quam -- Acting Up Academically: AIDS and the Politics of Disempowerment / by M.E. Melody -- Ethnography, Epidemiology, and Public Policy: Needle Use Practices and HIV-1 Risk Reduction among Injecting Drug Users in the Midwest by / Robert G. Carlson, Harvey A. Siegal, Russel S. Falck -- AIDS Risk Behavior among Drug Injectors in New York City: Critical Gaps in Prevention Policy / by Michael C. Clatts ...[et al.] -- Conclusion / by D.A. Feldman

Global AIDS Policy