Practical Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity


Practical Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity



By R. Scott Kretchmar.

Practical Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity, Second Edition, helps students examine key moral questions in sport. Its approach to the content helps students follow and dissect ethical arguments, think through philosophic issues, and apply theory to practice. Each chapter includes objectives, philosophical exercises, reviews, and study questions to reinforce understanding. Kretchmar's engaging writing style accentuates important topics of discussion, focusing the readers' attention on the philosophy behind the practice or strategy. As a result, students develop their philosophical skills, refine their personal philosophy concerning physical activity and sport, and learn that philosophy can be clear, practical, and holistic, rather than obscure, overly theoretical, and dualistic.

The text is arranged in four parts. Part I introduces students to the nature and methods of philosophy. Part II focuses on issues relating to the nature of the athlete or client and includes analyses of dualism, scientific materialism, and holism. Part III delves into kinesiology issues, including the nature of play, games, and competition, and Part IV provides expanded material on ethics, value choices, and active lifestyles.

This text provides students with the practical tools and specific techniques they need to think ethically and systematically, as they become skilled practitioners in the field of physical activity and sport. In doing so, it demystifies philosophy and reveals it as the guiding element in our understanding of, and approach to, activity, games, and competitions.



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2nd edition.

Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2005.

xvi, 303 p. : illustrations ; 26 cm.




Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education


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CONTENTS: The Nature and Methods of Philosophy. The Value of Philosophy for Kinesiology Practitioners -- Developing Skill in Pursuing Philosophic Answers -- Human Beings and Physical Activity. Dualism in Kinesiology -- Scientific Materialism in Kinesiology -- Kinesiology's Fate in the Tournaments of Dualism and Materialism -- Holism in Kinesiology -- Holism: From Theory to Practice -- The Subject Matter of Kinesiology. Creating Movement Playgrounds -- Understanding Games, Competition, and Winning -- Ethics, Value Choices, and the Good Life. Developing Sound Professional Ethics -- Physical Activity and the Good Life -- The Value of the Active Lifestyle -- Appendix A Case Studies -- References -– Index -- About the Author.

Practical Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity