Readings in Deviant Behavior


Readings in Deviant Behavior



Edited by: Alex Thio, Thomas C. Calhoun, and former College at Brockport faculty member Addrain Conyers.
Includes chapter by College at Brockport faculty member Denise A. Copelton: Eating for two : how pregnant women neutralize nutritional deviance.
This collection of diverse readings represents the full range of deviance sociology, dealing with many different theories as well as data collected via different research methodologies.
Designed for use as either a main text or a supplement, Readings in Deviant Behavior includes selections with high student-appeal. All of the readings have been carefully edited for clarity and conciseness to ensure that they are enjoyable and useful in helping students learn. The sixth edition features many new articles that reflect current trends.



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6th edition.
Boston : Allyn & Bacon, c2010.
xii, 368 p. : illustrations ; 24 cm.


Criminology and Criminal Justice | Sociology




Located in Drake Library at: HM811 .R24 2010

CONTENTS: Pt. 1: Defining deviance. Images of deviance / Stephen Pfohl ; Defining deviancy down / Daniel Patrick Moynihan – Pt. 2. Positivist theories. Strain theory / Robert K. Merton ; Differential association theory / Edwin H. Sutherland, Donald R. Cressey ; Control theory / Travis Hirschi ; Shaming theory / John Braithwaite – Pt. 3. Constructionist theories. Labeling theory / Howard S. Becker ; Phenomenological theory / Jack Katz ; Conflict theory / Richard Quinney ; Feminist theory / Kathleen Daly -- Pt. 4: Physical violence. What drives the Libyan suicide bombers in Iraq? / Kevin Peraino ; Serial murder: popular myths and empirical realities / James Alan Fox, Jack Levin ; What triggers school shootings? / Michael S. Kimmel, Matthew Mahler ; "I hope someone murders your mother!": extreme support for the death penalty / Margaret Vandiver, David J. Giacopassi, Peter R. Gathje -- Pt. 5: Intimate violence. Tenured and battered / Madeline Bates ; Intimate stalking: characteristics and consequences / Jennifer L. Dunn ; Child-to-mother violence / Debra Jackson ; How child molesters explain their deviance / Louanne Lawson -- Pt. 6: Self-destructive deviance. The desire for death / Thomas Joiner ; Self-injurers: a "lonely crowd" / Patricia A. Adler, Peter Adler ; Being sane in insane places / David L. Rosenhan ; The emergence of hyperactive adults as abnormal / Peter Conrad, Deborah Potter -- Pt. 7: Victims of stigma. Managing the stigma of personal bankruptcy / Deborah Thorne, Leon Anderson ; The stigma of obesity / Erich Goode ; What is it like to be a rural lesbian? / Margaret Cooper ; "You're not a retard, you're just wise" / Steven J. Taylor -- Pt. 8: Heterosexual deviance. The globalization of sex tourism / Nancy A. Wonders, Raymond Michalowski ; Flawed theory and method in studies of prostitution / Ronald Weitzer ; Exotic dancers: "Where am I going to stop?" / Jennifer K. Wesely ; "Everyone knows who the sluts are": how young women get around the stigma / Jennifer L. Dunn -- Pt. 9: Substance use and abuse. Binge drinking on college campus / Keith F. Durkin, Scott E. Wolfe, Kara Lewis ; "Hey, don't blame me... blame the booze" / Robert L. Peralta ; OxyContin: a prescription for disaster / James A. Inciardi, Jennifer L. Goode ; Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta: selling drugs on campus / A. Rafik Mohamed, Erik Fritsvold -- Pt. 10: Internet deviance. Show me the money: online mistresses and slaves / Keith F. Durkin ; Online dating: "I'm dysfunctional, you're dysfunctional" / Andrea Orr ; Online boys: male-for-male internet escorts / Matthew V. Pruitt ; Cyberbullying: offenders and victims / Sameer Hinduja, Justin W. Patchin -- Pt. 11: Privileged deviance. Criminal telemarketing: a profession on the line / Neal Shover, Glenn S. Coffey, Dick Hobbs ; The neutralization of professional deviance among veterinarians / DeAnn M. Kalich ; Societal causes of political corruption / Xiaohui Xin, Thomas K. Rudel ; Enron: organizational rituals as deviance / Jason S. Ulsperger, J. David Knottnerus -- Pt. 12: Underprivileged deviance. Shoplifters: "The devil made me do it" / Paul Cromwell, Quint Thurman ; Burglary: the offender's perspective / Paul Cromwell ; The immediate experiences of carjacking / Bruce A. Jacobs, Volkan Topalli, Richard Wright ; The good thing about workplace deviance / Elizabeth A. Hoffmann -- Pt. 13: Controlling deviance. What it's like to be known as a sex offender / Richard Tewksbury, Matthew Lees ; Responses to workplace bullying / Joanne D. Leck, Bella L. Galperin ; Eating for two: how pregnant women neutralize nutritional deviance / Denise A. Copelton ; A new way of fighting the war on drugs / Erich Goode.

Readings in Deviant Behavior