Facilitating Sustainable Innovation Through Collaboration : A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective


Facilitating Sustainable Innovation Through Collaboration : A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective



Edited by Joseph Sarkis, James Jude Cordeiro [College at Brockport faculty member], Diego Vazquez Brust.

"Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration" takes an unusually international perspective of sustainable innovation with contributions from Australia, Europe, and North America. Prominent policy makers, scientific researchers and practitioners in this field provide various inputs and analyses relating to the development of sustainable innovations. It is expected that policy makers, organizations, individual researchers, students and even communities can further develop and implement concepts and practices by drawing on the variety of projects and theoretical foundations presented in this volume. Topics include environmental supply chain management, regional sustainability strategy, the ‘Triple Helix’ collaboration, and specific technological developments and advances in this area. A reader can thus quickly build a comprehensive and state-of-the-art understanding of the field of sustainable innovation and its future directions. This broad perspective is needed for a complex and evolving field such as sustainability.--Publisher's description

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Dordrecht : Springer, 2010.

xv, 272 p. : illustrations, maps.




Business Administration and Economics


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CONTENTS: Contributors -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- List of Boxes -- Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration / Joseph Sarkis, James J. Cordeiro, and Diego Vazquez Brust -- Sustainability Considerations and Triple-Helix Collaboration in Regional Innovation Systems / Reine Karlsson, Mikael Backman, and AnnaKarin Djupenström -- Partnerships and Sustainable Regional Innovation Systems: Special Roles for Universities? / Martin Lehmann, Per Christensen, and Bjorn Johnson -- Obstacles to and facilitators of the implementation of small urban wind turbines in the Netherlands / Linda M. Kamp -- Regional Sustainability, Innovation and Welfare through an Adaptive Process Model / Kjell-Erik Bugge ... [et al.]. -- FOCISS for an Effective Sustainable Innovation Strategy / Jan Vanselaar -- The Emergence of Sustainable Innovations: Key Factors and Regional Support Structures / Peter S. Hofman and Theo de Bruijin -- Disruption or Sustenance? An Institutional Analysis of the Sustainable Business Network in West Michigan / Deborah M. Steketee -- Regional Perspectives on Capacity Building for Ecodesign: Insights from Wales / Simon O'Rafferty and Frank O'Connor -- Fostering Responsible Tourism Business Practices through Collaborative Capacity-Building / Bruce Simmons, Robyn Bushell, and Jennifer Scott -- Backcasting Using Principles for Implementing Cradle-to-Cradle / Freek van der Pluijm, Karen Marie Miller, and Augusto Cuginotti -- Corporate Strategies for Sustainable Innovations / Marlen Arnold -- Strategic Alliances for Environmental Protection / Haiying Lin and Nicole Darnall -- Towards Sustainability through Collaboration between Industrial Sectors and Government: The Mexican Case / Maria Laura Franco-Garcia and Hans Th.A. Bressers -- Index.

Facilitating Sustainable Innovation Through Collaboration : A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective