Leisure Programing for Baby Boomers


Leisure Programing for Baby Boomers



By Lynda J. Cochran (College at Brockport faculty member, now Lynda J. Sperazza), Anne M. Rothschadl, Jodi L. Rudick.
The baby boomers -- those born between 1946 and 1964 -- are a generation that consists of nearly 76 million Americans. Beginning in 2011, this large and influential population will begin their transition out of the workforce. As baby boomers enter retirement, they will be looking for opportunities in fitness, sports, outdoors, arts and cultural events, and other activities that suit their vibrant lifestyles. With their varied life experiences, values, and expectations, baby boomers are predicted to redefine the meaning of recreation and leisure programming for mature adults.
Though many researchers have forecast the boomers' impact on the future, only Leisure Programming for Baby Boomers addresses key information that recreation and leisure professionals need in order to make program decisions with baby boomers in mind. The authors combine their research, programming, and marketing expertise to provide insights into the values and lifestyle choices of boomers and offer programming and marketing strategies to reach this large and influential population.
Leisure Programming for Baby Boomers will help you move beyond the traditional offerings of bingo, art classes, and social dances to capture the attention and imagination of your baby boomer community. This comprehensive guide offers these features: An in-depth review of current research to help you understand the values, interests, and needs of the boomer generation ; Guidance in adopting a “boomer lens” so you can more easily recognize the opportunities in working with this group and create and market programs that appeal to the values of this unique generation ; The Cochran Baby Boomer Quiz, a tool that can be used not only in assessing the programming preferences of the boomers in your community, but also in testing your staff's knowledge of boomers and preparing them to work more effectively with this group ; Strategies, guidelines, and ready-to-use ideas for boomer-specific programming in arts and culture, outdoor recreation, education, wellness, and tourism ; Marketing templates and strategies that will attract boomers and keep them coming to your programs.
With Leisure Programming for Baby Boomers, you'll discover what distinguishes the baby boomer generation from previous generations in regard to their demographic makeup, gender differences, cultural influences, brand loyalty, consumer behavior, and spending patterns. Based on current research, Leisure Programming for Baby Boomers explains the boomer generation in terms of five value areas specific to recreation and leisure programming: cultural influences, healthy aging and society, retirement, leisure pursuits, and economic levels. Using this knowledge, you'll learn how to consider these generational values to create effective marketing messages and plan appropriate programming.—Publisher’s description



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Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2009.
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CONTENTS: Are you ready for the boomers? -- What drives boomers? -- Marketing to baby boomers -- Adopting a boomer lens -- Getting groovy : arts and culture program ideas -- Pursuing pathways : education program ideas -- Life is an adventure : outdoor adventure program ideas -- Move to the beat : healthy living program ideas -- Hit the road : travel program ideas -- The boomer future.

Leisure Programing for Baby Boomers