Philosophy and the Christian Worldview : Analysis, Assessment and Development


Philosophy and the Christian Worldview : Analysis, Assessment and Development



Edited by Keith E. Yandell, David Werther, Mark Linville.

Includes a chapter co-authored by College at Brockport faculty member Gordon Barnes: Internalism and properly basic belief.

A collection of new essays written by fifteen philosophers of religion. Bringing together some of the leading lights in current academic philosophy of religion, including William Hasker, Charles Taliaferro and Keith Yandell, it offers a fresh perspective on four major areas of discussion: Religion and Epistemology; Religion and Morality; Religion and Metaphysics; and Religion and Worldview Assessment. United by the argument that the core claims of religion have metaphysical, epistemic and moral entailments, these essays represent a state of the art discussion in contemporary philosophy of religion.



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New York: Continuum, 2012.

xiii, 274 p. ; 25 cm.

Series: Continuum studies in philosophy of religion.






Located in Drake Library at:BR100 .P5338 2012

CONTENTS: Part I. Religion and worldview assessment. Is philosophy of religion possible? / Keith Yandell -- Religious pluralism as an explanation for religious diversity / Harold Netland -- The naturalists are declaring the glory of God : discovering natural theology in the unlikeliest places / Paul Copan -- Part II. Religion and epistemology. Internalism and properly basic belief / Matthew Davidson and Gordon Barnes -- In defense of the numinous / Charles Taliaferro -- Theistic mystical experiences, enlightenment experiences, and ineffability / William J. Wainwright -- Hume and religion : Keith Yandell's assessments / Terence Penelhum -- Part III. Religion and morality. Why Bertrand Russell was not a moral realist, either / Mark D. Linville -- Christian theism and the evidential argument from evil / Michael L. Peterson -- Confucian sincerity and the imago Dei / Paul Reasoner -- Part IV. Religion and metaphysics. Jaegwon Kim's rejection of substance dualism / William Hasker -- Free will : the explanatory approach / Noel Hendrickson -- Freedom, temptation, and incarnation / David Werther.

Philosophy and the Christian Worldview : Analysis, Assessment and Development