Trauma Counseling : Theories and Interventions


Trauma Counseling : Theories and Interventions



By Lisa Lopez Levers.

Includes a chapter co-authored by College at Brockport faculty members Kathleen M. Fallon and Susan Rachael Seem: Understanding and responding to sexual and gender prejudice and violence.

Trauma Counseling is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary guide to the theory and treatment of survivors of a broad spectrum of traumatic events, including interpersonal violence, hate crimes, school violence, community violence, natural disasters, and war and terrorism. It is written by a Fulbright scholar who is internationally recognized for her work with traumatized populations in Rwanda, several southern African countries, Russia, and the United States. It also includes the contributions of researchers from the United States, Australia, Africa, and Europe.

The book discusses evidence-based trauma assessment and intervention techniques and integrates the latest findings from neuropsychology and psychopharmacology. It focuses on issues of loss and grief, survivorship and disability, genocide, natural disasters, the impact of war on civilians and veterans, and the distinct effects of trauma in early childhood, childhood, and adolescence. Also addressed are ethical perspectives and methods of self-care for counselors who work with this population. The text will be of value to graduate counseling students and professional counselors as well as social workers, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, and other human service providers, who will be able to attend to trauma survivors with a depth of knowledge and confidence. The contents of Trauma Counseling not only fulfill but exceed the requirements of The Council of Accreditation and Counseling and Related Educational Program (CACREP) standards.



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New York : Springer, 2012.

xxiii, 599 p. : illustrations ; 26 cm.


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CONTENTS: An introduction to counseling survivors of trauma : beginning to understand the context of trauma / Lisa Lopez Levers -- Appendix / Deirdre Stoelzle Graves -- Historical contexts of trauma / Debra Hyatt-Burkhart and Lisa Lopez Levers -- Theoretical contexts of trauma counseling / Martin F. Lynch -- Neurobiological effects of trauma and psychopharmacology / John R. Tomko -- Issues of loss and grief / Judith L.M. McCoyd, Carolyn Ambler Walter, and Lisa Lopez Levers -- Trauma survivorship and disability / Eboneé T. Johnson ... [et al.] -- Sexual trauma : an ecological approach to conceptualization and treatment / Laura Hensley Choate -- Trauma experienced in early childhood / Staci Perlman and Andrea Doyle -- Trauma experienced in adolescence / Andrea Doyle and Staci Perlman -- Treating adult trauma survivors / Barbara Peck -- Intimate partner violence / Nancy N. Fair and Frank M. Ochberg -- Elder abuse / Erika Falk -- Addiction and psychological trauma : implications for counseling strategies / Patricia A. Burke and Bruce Carruth -- Appendix / Maureen Keating -- Criminal victimization / Lawrence Miller -- Traumatic aftermath of homicide and suicide / Tumani Malinga-Musamba and Tapologo Maundeni -- Existential perspectives on the psychology of evil / Alison L. DuBois, Lisa Lopez Levers, and Charles P. Esposito -- Racial and ethnic intolerance : a framework for violence and trauma / Emma Mosley -- Understanding and responding to sexual and gender prejudice and victimization / Kathleen M. Fallon and Susan Rachael Seem -- Contextual issues of community-based violence, violence-specific crisis and disaster and institutional response / Lisa Lopez Levers and Roger P. Buck -- School violence and trauma / Jeffrey A. Daniels and Jenni Haist -- Workplace and campus violence / Eric W. Owens -- Natural disasters and first responder mental health / Scott Tracy -- Genocide, ethnic conflict, and political violence / Kirrily Pells and Karen Treisman -- The impact of war on civilians / Elaine Hanson and Gwen Vogel -- The impact of war on military veterans / Roger P. Buck -- Disaster behavioral health : counselors responding to terrorism / June Ann Smith and Jo Ann Jankoski -- Assessment in psychological trauma : methods and intervention / F. Barton Evans -- Models for trauma intervention : integrative approaches to therapy / Lisa Lopez Levers, Elizabeth M. Ventura, and Demond E. Bledsoe -- Strategies and techniques for counseling survivors of trauma / Elizabeth M. Ventura -- Ethical perspectives on trauma work / Vilia Tarvydas and Helena K.Y. Ng -- Vicarious traumatization / Jo Ann Jankoski --Therapist self-care : being a healing counselor rather than a wounded healer / Cynthia Diane Rudick -- Trauma and supervision / Demond E. Bledsoe -- Conclusion : the continued need for developing integrative and systemic approaches to trauma / Lisa Lopez Levers.

Trauma Counseling : Theories and Interventions