Sex, Violence & Power in Sports : Rethinking Masculinity


Sex, Violence & Power in Sports : Rethinking Masculinity



By Michael A. Messner & Donald Sabo (former College at Brockport faculty member).

"The authors, both academics and former athletes, examine the culture of male sports and its relation to concepts of masculinity. The basic premise is that male-dominated sports foster homophobia and the denigration of women. This is not new news for anyone who has spent time in an adolescent male locker room. What is news, however, is the authors' linking of locker-room mentality with data indicating that on some college campuses a third of all reported rapes involve male athletes, who represent less than a third of all males on campus. The authors hold that this sort of data--numerous studies are cited revealing the same trend--exposes the inherent flaws in traditional male sports culture. Sports, they say, breed intolerant males more prone to violence, domestic abuse, and homophobia and less likely to sustain a long-term relationship with a woman. This premise may or may not be entirely valid; further research is clearly needed. Still, the authors' findings--especially in context of the O. J. Simpson case--raise points of serious discussion regarding athletes and violence."--Booklist



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Freedom, CA : The Crossing Press, c1994.

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CONTENTS: Our stories. The best years of my life ; Indignities: a short story ; Ah, ya throw like a girl! -- Sexuality and power. the myth of the sexual athlete ; Women in the men's locker room? ; Sin and redemption: the Sugar Ray Leonard wife-abuse story ; Riding with the spur posse -- Violence, pain and injury. Why Rocky III? ; Pigskin, patriarch, and pain ; When bodies are weapons -- Gay athletes and homophobia. The politics of homophobia in sport ; Gay athletes and the Gay Games: an interview with Tom Waddell ; AIDS, homophobia, and sports -- Marginal men. Sports and the politics of inequality ; White men misbehaving: feminism, Afrocentrism, and the promise of a critical standpoint ; Seen but not heard: Black men in sports media ; Doing time doing masculinity: sports and prison -- Changing sports, changing men. Getting beyond exercise as work ; Jocks in the men's movement? ; Feminist analysis of men in sports ; Boys and girls together: the promise and limits of equal opportunity in sports ; Different stakes: men's pursuit of gender equity in sports ; Changing men through changing sports: an eleven-point strategy -- Selected readings on men, gender, and sports -- Resources and organizations.

Sex, Violence & Power in Sports : Rethinking Masculinity