The Consumer and the Health Care System : Social and Managerial Perspectives


The Consumer and the Health Care System : Social and Managerial Perspectives



Edited by Harvey Rosen, Jonathan M. Metsch, Samuel Levey.

Includes a chapter by former College at Brockport faculty member, Richard D. Evans: Representational standards in comprehensive health planning.

This is a comprehensive collection of materials relating to the phenomenon of consumerism in the field of health care. It deals specifically with the consumer movement in the broader context of social and economic change, the anatomy and physiology of organizations, the viewpoints on the consumer movement in health, ranging from strong advocacy to the limitation of the consumer's role, the implementation of the consumer interface with health care providers and emperical research in the area.



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2nd edition.

New York : SP Books Division of Spectrum Publications, distributed by Halsted Press, 1977.

384 p. ; 24 cm.

Series: Health systems management ; v. 9


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CONTENTS: Introduction / Harry Rosen, Samuel Levey , Jonathan M. Metsch -- Sec. I. The organizational environment -- Organizations in a changing world / Daniel Katz and Basil S. Georgopoulos -- The science of muddling through / Charles E. Lindblom -- Managing the public service institution / Peter F. Drucker -- Sec. II. Viewpoints on consumerism -- Consumer participation and social accountability / Jonathan M. Metsch and James E. Veney -- Community participation and resource allocation / George A. Silver -- The shifting power structure in health / Ray H. Elling -- Medicine faces the consumer movement / Walter J. McNerney -- Citizen participation : a review of the issues / Eugene Feingold -- Including the community in hospital governance / H. Robert Cathcart -- To what degree are hospitals publicly accountable? / S. David Pomrinse -- Medical care as a right : a refutation / Robert M. Sade -- Sec. III. Implementation of consumer participation -- Giving the consumer a voice in the hospital business / Everett A. Johnson -- Community participation and sharing in control of public health services / Eli Glogow -- Citizen participation strategies / Edmund M. Burke -- The limits on consumer participation in public social programs / David P. Fauri -- Consumer participation / Claudia B. Galiher, Jack Needleman , Anne J. Rolfe -- Consumer participation in health planning : toward conceptual clarification / G.M. Hochbaum -- Citizen participation and professionalism : a developmental relationship / Felice Perlmutter -- Representational standards in comprehensive health planning / Richard D. Evans -- Sec. IV. Research on consumerism -- Citizen influence in health service programs / Donna M. Anderson and Markay Kerr -- Community and professional participation in decision making at a health center / Kay B. Partridge and Paul E. White -- Representation patterns in community health decision making / Chester W. Douglass -- Consumer participation in OEO-assisted neighborhood health centers / Gerald Sparer, George B. Dines, Daniel Smith -- A model of the adaptive behavior of hospital administrators to the mandate to implement consumer participation / Jonathan M. Metsch and James E. Veney.

The Consumer and the Health Care System : Social and Managerial Perspectives