Popular Culture in the Middle Ages


Popular Culture in the Middle Ages



by: Josie P Cambell.

Includes a chapter by The College at Brockport alumna (BA 1971, MA 1974) and former faculty member Evelyn S. Newlyn: Robert Henryson and the popular fable tradition in the Middle Ages.

The culture of the Middle Ages was as complex, if not as various, as our own, as the essays in this volume ably demonstrate. The essays cover a wide range of tipics, from church sculpture as "advertisement" to tricks and illusions as "homeeconomics."



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Bowling Green, Ohio : Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1986.

157 p. : illustrations ; 24 cm.


Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture | Cultural History | Folklore | Medieval History


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CONTENTS: The medieval marquee : church portal sculpture as publicity / Charles F. Altman -- Portent lore and medieval popular culture / Norman R. Smith -- The household encyclopedia as magic kit : medieval popular interest in pranks and illusions / Bruno Roy -- Antecedents of contemporary witchcraft in the Middle Ages / Elizabeth Tucker -- Feminae populi : popular images of women in medieval literature / Maureen Fries -- Above rubies : popular views of medieval women / Shirley Marchalonis -- Woman as mediator in the Middle English romances / Caroline D. Eckhardt -- Robert Henryson and the popular fable tradition in the Middle Ages / Evelyn S. Newlyn -- Tension and extension : thoughts on Scottish surnames and medieval popular culture / W.F.H. Nicolaisen -- Medieval pilgrims and the origins of tourism / John M. Thielmann -- Surprised by love : the dramatic structure and popular appeal of the Wakefield Second Shepherds' Pageant / Edmund M. Taft -- "Quike bookis" : the Corpus Christi drama and English children in the Middle Ages / D. Thomas Hanks, Jr. -- English cycle drama : "Thou art a pilgreme ..." / Josie P. Campbell -- Innocence and suffering in the Middle Ages : an essay about popular taste and popular literature / Michael Stugrin -- Was there a popular culture in the Middle Ages? / Bruce A. Rosenberg.

Popular Culture in the Middle Ages