Criminal Law


Criminal Law



By Charles P. Nemeth (former College at Brockport faculty member).

This critical inquiry into the nature and underpinnings of criminal law legislation provides a comprehensive review and analysis of criminal law content from statutory, moral and philosophical perspectives. The book covers fundamental principles in criminal law codifications, delivers an accurate examination of criminal elements in felonies and misdemeanors and encourages critical inquiry and analysis beyond the volume. The volume introduces the definitions of crime, Actus Reus and Mens Rea and analyzes homicide, assault and other offenses, sexual offenses, crimes against property and habitation, offenses contrary to the public morality, inchoate offenses and criminal defenses.



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Upper Saddle River, N.J. : PrenticeHall, c2004.

xxviii, 446 p. : illustrations forms ; 27 cm.


Criminal Law


Criminal Justice


Located in Drake Library at: KF9219 .N46 2004

CONTENTS: The foundation and heritage of the criminal law -- Definitions of crime -- Actus reus and mens rea -- Crimes against the person : homicide -- Crimes against the person : assault and other offenses -- Sexual offenses against the person -- Crimes against property -- Crimes against habitation -- Offenses contrary to the public morality -- Inchoate offenses -- Criminal defenses.