Time and Project Management Strategies for Librarians


Time and Project Management Strategies for Librarians



Edited by Carol Smallwood, Jason Kuhl, and Lisa Fraser ; foreword by Robert P. Holley.

Includes two chapters by College at Brockport faculty member (librarian) Pam O'Sullivan: Daily operations, and: What personal life?

As budgets for libraries continue to shrink, the key challenge facing the 21st century librarian is finding how to do more with less. Learning how to increase productivity within the constraints of a difficult economy, librarians can benefit from the insights of fellow professionals and others who have succeeded in making the most of what they have.

Time and Project Management Strategies for Librarians features more than thirty essays that provide valuable tips for the professional who must cope with increasing demands upon their resources. Librarians will get tips on how to:

•identify the most important tasks for the library• eliminate non-essential functions and processes • increase reliance on volunteers, interns, and students • optimize daily routines and schedule staff effectively • increase productivity through the use of social media and email • increase project and time management skills and personal productivity through setting and meeting goals

With productivity tips for all librarians—from the newly hired to the most seasoned veteran—this volume will help libraries provide better service to their users and also show librarians how to give this service without losing their personal lives and their sanity.



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Lanham, MD : Scarecrow Press, 2013.

xii, 295 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.


Library and Information Science | Nonprofit Administration and Management




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CONTENTS: Consult your stakeholders and prioritize with six sigma tools / Elizabeth Nelson -- Daily operations / Pamela O'Sullivan -- Feudal society of the stacks / Eric Owen -- Necessary sacrifices / LeEtta Schmidt -- Productive to the core : core competencies and the productive librarian / Jenny Dale and Lynda M. Kellam -- Rural librarians farm out your work / Michelle A. McIntyre -- Circulation staffing / Kimberly Wells -- Going, going, gone : management strategies for time and staff when there is little of either / Amber Lannon and Sara Holder -- Staff-level management of library reference services : not just personnel economy, an enhanced service system / Threasa Wesley -- Interns and volunteers : finding and deploying free labor / Portia Kapraun and Beth M. Sheppard -- Making the best of a reduced staff : utilizing student workers to reach library goals / Emy Nelson Decker -- Student workers on the job : maximizing output / Portia Kapraun and Beth M. Sheppard -- Developing and implementing a project chart / Jessica Shomberg [i.e. Schomberg] and Daardi Sizemore -- Personal productivity for the busy librarian / John C. Gottfried -- A librarian's time management toolkit / Ellie Dworak -- Nimble project management for the time- and budget-challenged / Erin White -- A novel approach to project management : seven lessons from NaNoWriMo / Karen Munro -- Time management for busy academic librarians : strategies for success / William H. Weare, Jr -- Avoiding information overload / Meredith Selfon -- For every librarian a to do list / Sarah Troy -- Optimize small library efficiency with daily routines and organizational strategies / Stephanie Sweeney -- The power of lists / Meredith Selfon -- Tame your e-mail / Erin White -- Let's not meet : making the most of time with asynchronous collaboration / Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem and Jerry M. Spiller -- Making memory portable / Sanjeet Mann -- Social media as time drain : the myth of efficiency / Jennifer Nardine -- Managing professional and family commitments / Libby Gorman -- Time management, reducing stress, and getting organized / Linda Burkey Wade -- Working from home, or how to get it all done without going crazy / Elizabeth Nelson -- What personal life? / Pamela O'Sullivan -- Getting things done in the library / Sanjeet Mann -- The high road or easy street? : saving time by picking your battles / Kelli Hines and Deborah Farber -- When do I have time to be professionally active? / Robin Fay.

Time and Project Management Strategies for Librarians