Varieties of Anomalous Experience : Examining the Scientific Evidence


Varieties of Anomalous Experience : Examining the Scientific Evidence



Edited by Etzel Cardena, Steven Jay Lynn, and Stanley Krippner.

Includes a chapter co-authored by former College at Brockport faculty member Stuart Appelle: Alien abduction experiences.

"In this revised and thoroughly updated edition of their classic text, the editors have invited experts to provide definitive reviews and analyses of a wide range of anomalous experiences, from commonly documented sensations and perceptions like synesthesia, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and auditory and visual hallucinations, to rarer and more seemingly inexplicable experiences such as anomalous healing, past-lives, near-death, mystical experiences, and even alien abductions ... The book makes a compelling case for the inclusion of these marginalized and under-recognized experiences as not merely incidental, but essential to our understanding of human psychology."--Publisher's description



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2nd edition.

Washington, D.C. : American Psychological Association, 2014.

Series: Dissociation, trauma, memory, and hypnosis book series






Located in Drake Library at: BF1031 .V293 2014

CONTENTS: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations. Introduction: Anomalous Experiences in Perspective / Etzel Cardeña, Steven Jay Lynn, and Stanley Krippner -- Researching States of Consciousness and Anomalous Experiences / Etzel Cardeña and Ronald J. Pekala -- Anomalous Experiences, Peculiarity, and Psychopathology / John G. Kerns, Nicole Karcher, Chitra Raghavan, and Howard Berenbaum -- Anomalous Experiences. Synesthesia: A Teeming Multiplicity / Lawrence E. Marks -- Hallucinatory Experiences / Richard P. Bentall -- Lucid Dreaming: Paradoxes of Dreaming Consciousness / Stephen LaBerge -- Anomalous Self and Identity Experiences / Etzel Cardeña and Carlos S. Alvarado-- Alien Abduction Experiences / Stuart Appelle, Steven Jay Lynn, Leonard Newman, and Anne Malaktaris -- Psi-Related Experiences / Caroline Watt and Ian Tierney -- Anomalous Healing Experiences / Stanley Krippner and Jeanne Achterberg -- Past-Life Experiences / Antonia Mills and Jim B. Tucker -- Near-Death Experiences / Bruce Greyson -- Mystical Experience / David M. Wulff -- Anomalous Experiences : An Integrative Summary / Etzel Cardeña, Stanley Krippner, and Steven Jay Lynn.

Varieties of Anomalous Experience : Examining the Scientific Evidence