High-Acuity Nursing


High-Acuity Nursing



By Kathleen Dorman Wagner and Melanie G. Hardin-Pearce.

Includes a chapter co-authored by Zara Brenner (College at Brockport faculty member) and Rochester General Hospital's Maureen Krenzer: Alterations in pancreatic function.

The most focused, up-to-date, easy-to-understand guide to high-acuity nursing in all care settings. High-Acuity Nursing, Sixth Edition brings together the knowledge needed to care for adult patients with complex conditions and unpredictable outcomes, across settings ranging from critical care to high-skill long-term facilities. It makes critical pathophysiological concepts clinically applicable to high-acuity patients; enhances students’ clinical decision-making skills; provides extensive and immediate feedback; and supports self-paced learning. This tightly focused guide has been substantially reorganized to reflect faculty and student feedback. This edition adds bulleted chapter summaries; NCLEX-style posttest items; updated Emerging Evidence boxes; coverage of oncological emergencies, hypertensive crises, and acute aortic problems; adult doses in Related Pharmacotherapy boxes; and a brand-new chapter on complications associated with metabolic stress response.

Teaching and Learning Experience

This book is designed to help learners rapidly gain mastery and confidence. It provides:

  • Focused coverage of topics specifically related to high-acuity nursing: Helps learners gain command of crucial content without ever feeling overwhelmed by its volume and complexity
  • Links pathophysiological principles and clinical care: Helps learners translate pathophysiological principles into care decisions, and understand the rationale for those decisions
  • Learner-focused “active learning” with strong pedagogical support: “Chunks” complex information into small, discrete sections, provides quizzes after each section to ensure mastery, and offers extensive pedagogical support for more effective study



Publication Date


Publication Information

6th edition.

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey : Pearson, c2014.

xii, 960 p. : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 28 cm.


Critical Care Nursing




Located in Drake Library at: RT120.I5 K53 2014


I. Introduction to high-acuity nursing. 1. High-acuity nursing -- 2. Holistic care of the patient and family -- 3. The older adult high-acuity patient -- II. Therapeutic support of the high-acuity patient. 4. Acute pain management – 5. Nutrition support – 6. Mechanical ventilation – 7. Introduction to hemodynamic monitoring – 8. Basic cardiac rhythm interpretation – 9. Complex wound management -- III. Pulmonary. 10. Determinants and assessment of pulmonary function -- 11. Alterations in pulmonary function -- IV. Cardiovascular. 12. Determinants and assessment of cardiac function -- 13. Alterations in cardiac function – 14. Alternations in myocardial tissue perfusion – V. Neurologic. 15. Determinants and assessment of cerebral perfusion -- 16. Mentation and sensory motor complications of acute illness – 17. Acute stroke injury – 18. Traumatic brain injury – 19. Acute spinal cord injury – VI. Gastrointestinal. 20. Determinants and assessment of gastrointestinal function – 21. Alterations in gastrointestinal function – 22. Alterations in liver function – 23. Alterations in pancreatic function / Zara R. Brenner and Maureen Krenzer – VII. Fluid and electrolytes. 24. Determinants and assessment of fluid and electrolyte balance -- 25. Alterations in fluid and electrolyte balance – 26. Acute kidney injury – VIII. Hematologic. 27. Determinants and assessment of hematologic function – 28. Alterations in red blood cell function and homeostasis – 29. Alterations in white blood cell function and oncologic emergencies – IX. Nutrition and metabolism. 30. Determinants and assessment of nutrition and metabolic function – 31. Metabolic response to stress – 32. Diabetic crises – X. Multisystem dysfunction. 33. Determinants and assessment of oxygenation – 34. Multiple trauma – 35. Acute burn injury – 36. Shock stress – Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome – 38. Solid organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation – Glossary – Abbreviations – Index.

High-Acuity Nursing