Journey to Wholeness : Voices of Women Living With Disabilities


Journey to Wholeness : Voices of Women Living With Disabilities



Edited by Lauren J. Lieberman, Linda Snell (both College at Brockport faculty members), Luz M. Cruz (College at Brockport emeritus faculty member), Phoebe Brown.

"The Journey to Wholeness book will literally take the reader on a journey into the diverse lives of 13 women with disabilities. This is a one of a kind book as there is no other compilation of women’s voices like this one. These women come from different backgrounds, experience different barriers and triumphs, and find joys in many unexpected places. Their disabilities range from Deafness, to MS, to Fibromyalgia to visual impairments, to rheumatoid arthritis and spina bifida. Some are born with their disabilities, some acquire theirs quickly or progressively over time. Some continue working, and some do not work after their disability is diagnosed. Some have children and some do not. Some are religious and some find spirituality in the outdoors, or by volunteering. One thing for sure is that these women are brutally honest, sincere and resilient.

The reader is asked to take this ride with the contributors and learn that people with disabilities do not want to be pitied, or excluded. Disability can be a pathway to new opportunities, friendships, leadership opportunities, hobbies, and experiences. Disability requires a new way of thinking, but can be navigated and embraced when the woman see the possibilities and opportunities that they create."--Publisher



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Ronkonkoma, NY : Linus Learning, c2014.

xix, 150 p. : color portraits ; 23 cm.


Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities | Medicine and Health


Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education


Located in Drake Library at: HV3013.A1 J68 2014

CONTENTS: Acknowledgments -- In memory -- About the editors -- About the authors -- Forward -- Introduction -- Living my life with MS (multiple sclerosis - [age] 59) / Luz M. Cruz -- It's my story and I'll cry when I want to... (orthopedic disability - 60) / Linda Snell -- Dear Doctor, I am strong (rheumatoid arthritis - 27) -- My learning curve (MS and cardiac disability - 50) -- Tackling my MS mountain (multiple sclerosis - 51) -- Second sight (Stargardt's disease - 44) / Marla Runyan -- Born with a handicap : life without limitations (congenital hip dysplasia - 88) / Ruth Dowden Grah -- Get up and start walking (orthopedic disability - 53) / Lisa L. Drysdale -- My healthy soul (multiple sclerosis - 54) / Guadalupe Nunez -- My life (deaf, colon cancer - 50) / Kelly Marie Butterworth -- Expect highs & lows : aim high (deaf - 49) / Miriam Louise Richards -- The window of opportunity is never closed (spina bifida - 60) / JoAnn Armstrong -- "Living my life like it's golden" : I find joy and meaning in life through helping others with my disability (disabilities from injuries, cancer, and lymphedema) / Pleasant Millsap-Mack -- Concluding chapter -- Appendices: A. Questions for authors ; B. Guiding/facilitating questions ; C. Resources ; D. Web sites for each disability ; E. E-mails of authors.

Journey to Wholeness : Voices of Women Living With Disabilities