The Andalusian Music of Morocco : Al-Āla : History, Society and Text


The Andalusian Music of Morocco : Al-Āla : History, Society and Text



By Carl Davila, College at Brockport faculty member.

Davila redefines the history of this poetic-musical tradition in terms of the oral and literary processes that have preserved it since its beginnings in Islamic Spain, highlighting the social foundations of each. The book proposes a “value theory of tradition” that underscores the values attaching to “mixed orality” in order to explain the coexistence of the two kinds of process within the boundaries of this tradition.



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Wiesbaden : Reichert Verlag, 2013.

xvii, 347 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm. + 1 Audio CD in back pocket.

Series: Literaturen im Kontext ; Bd. 38


Ethnomusicology | Islamic World and Near East History




Located in Drake Library at: ML355.M8 D38 2013

CONTENTS: 5050 Track List for the Accompanying CD -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Transliteration System -- An Introduction to the Moroccan Andalusian Music Tradition. Opening doors ; An overview of the tradition ; Texts and innovations ; The nūba in history and theory ; The organization of this book -- Part 1. A Social History of the Andalusian Music. Prologue. The Standard Historical Narrative of the Andalusian Music. The name al-mūsīqā l-andalusiyya ; The standard narrative ; Historiography and the standard narrative -- Beyond Ziryāb and Ibn B̄ājja. Ziryāb: Context, images, sources ; Music and informal institutions in 9th-century Cordoba ; Ibn Bājja: patronage and slave singers in the Almoravid era ; Institutions and innovation in the music of al-Andalus -- al-Āla in the Modern Era. 100-1800: "Decadence," "degeneration" and "loss"? ; al-Ḥā'ik: A step toward standardization ; al-Jāmi'ī and the first conservatory ; The modern institutions and their social conditions ; al-Āla as emblem of tradition ; al-Āla in its modern social frame ; al-Āla -- A Tradition of Teaching a Tradition. al-Āla Between the Spoken and the Written. Teaching, oral and otherwise ; What's in a name: the Andalusian ṭarab ; aṭ-Ṭarab al-andalusī as aesthetic ethos ; aṭ-Ṭarab al-andalusī in the conservatory ; The national examination ; Mastery: the jawq as teaching institution ; Formal and informal, spoken and written -- History and the Oral Tradition. The modern canon ; Kunnāš al-Ḥā'ik ; The al-Jāmi'ī corpus ; Oral processes and the canon of Ǎla texts ; Oral and textual streams as historical evidence -- Part 2. Orality and Literacy: A Social Rationale. Toward a Theory of Tradition and Transmission. Tradition, whether oral or written ; The value of tradition ; Tradition, value, and al-Ǎla ; Tradition, change and channels of transmission -- Tradition, Both Oral and Written. Channels of transmission: orality and literacy ; Literacy and (partial) orality ; Value in writing and speaking -- The Moroccan Andalusian Music as Tradition, Talk and Text. The dependence of al-Ǎla on oral processes ; The oral and the written in Arabic literary history ; Mixed orality, past and present ; Poetry, prestige and the pen in al-Ǎla ; Mixed orality and al-Ǎla -- Appendix 1. A Glossary of Arabic Technical Terms -- Appendix 2. A Summary of Ṭubǔ' and Their Associations.

The Andalusian Music of Morocco : Al-Āla : History, Society and Text