The Corporeal Turn : An Interdisciplinary Reader


The Corporeal Turn : An Interdisciplinary Reader



By Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, former College at Brockport visiting professor.

The purpose of The Corporeal Turn is to document in a single text the impressive array of investigations possible with respect to the body and bodily life, and to show that, whatever the specific topic being examined, it is a matter of fathoming and elucidating complex and subtle structures of animate meaning. The corporeal turn is envisioned as an ever-expanding, continuous, and open-ended spiral of inquiry in which deeper and deeper understandings are forged, understandings that in each instance themselves call out for deeper and deeper inquiries. The first thirteen essays have already been published as distinct articles. The two new essays constituting the final two chapters are testimony to this open-ended spiral of inquiry.



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vii, 400 pages ; 23 cm.

Exeter : Imprint Academic, c2009.






Located in Drake Library at: B105.B64 S478 2009

CONTENTS: Can the Body Ransom Us? -- Thinking in Movement -- Existential Fit and Evolutionary Continuities -- On the Conceptual Origin of Death -- Taking Evolution Seriously: A Matter of Primate Intelligence -- Surface Sensitivity and the Density of Flesh -- Consciousness: A Natural History -- Emotions and Movement: A Beginning Empirical-Phenomenological Analysis of Their Relationship -- Sensory-Kinetic Understandings of Language: An Inquiry into Origins -- Kinesthetic Memory -- On Bacteria, Corporeal Representation, Neandertals, and Martha Graham: Steps toward an Evolutionary Semantics -- "Man Has Always Danced" : Forays into an Art Largely Forgotten by Philosophers -- What Are We Naming? -- The Kinetic Basis of the Biological Disposition to Sense-Making: Further Steps toward an Evolutionary Semantics -- On the Challenge of Languaging Experience.

The Corporeal Turn : An Interdisciplinary Reader