When Descendants Become Ancestors : The Flip Side of Genealogy


When Descendants Become Ancestors : The Flip Side of Genealogy



By David A. Kendall, former College at Brockport faculty member.

"How often have you regretted your failure to engage the elder generations of your family for information about their lives and memories? How many times have you wanted just one more hour with a deceased relative who could answer that one burning question that you suddenly thought about, and that no one else can answer? Perhaps you remember a time when an older acquaintance wanted to share with you some stories about "the good old days," but you couldn't be bothered. Most of us have had regrets like these, as will our descendants - unless we seek to record and preserve some stories for their use. Whether our stories are short and simple or long and complex matters not, but these stories will become part of their heritage and can certainly influence their lives. Though our contributions may not be recognized for decades, our lives matter to future generations and our stories should be told. The rest is up to each of us."--Back cover



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xiii, 344 pages : photo, appendices, references ; 23 cm.

Bloomington, Ind. : Balboa Press, c2014.


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CONTENTS: What to tell your descendants -- How to tell your stories -- Learning our ABCs etc -- What principles guide your stories? -- The broader picture. -- Part 2: Sample Stories: Getting started. On the move -- My infant story -- My infant experience -- Preschool memories -- Elementary school years -- Western style -- The bracelet -- Bite your tongue -- The perfect curse -- Recycling life -- Recycling life -- A youthful decision with far-reaching consequences -- Night and day - Home or Away -- The irony of a kiss -- The snow shed that vanished -- Writer's cramp -- My name is Dorliska -- A link to the past -- The week I played God. -- Part 3: Now it's your turn --- About the author -- Appendix A -- Appendix B -- Appendix C -- References.

When Descendants Become Ancestors : The Flip Side of Genealogy