Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities : Contemporary Sacred Narratives


Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities : Contemporary Sacred Narratives



Edited by Amanda Williamson, Glenna Batson, Sarah Whately, and Rebecca Weber.

Contains a chapter written by Sondra Fraleigh, former College at Brockport faculty member: Permission and the making of consciousness.

"Presenting a rich mosaic of embodied contemporary narratives in spirituality and movement studies, this book explicitly studies the relationship between spirituality and the field of Somatic Movement Dance Education. It is the first scholarly text to focus on contemporary spirituality within the domain of dance and somatic movement studies. ...[It] brings together prominent authors and practitioners in order to elucidate how a wide range of sacred narratives/spiritualities are informing pedagogy, educational and therapeutic practice. As well as providing new insights and promoting creative/artistic awareness, this seminal text de-mystifies the spiritual/sacred and brings clarity and academic visibility to this largely uncharted and often misrepresented subject."--Back cover



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xxxiii, 489 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.

Bristol, UK ; Chicago, US : Intellect, c2014.


Dance | Philosophy




Located in Drake Library at: BF161 .D36 2014

CONTENTS: Preface / Don Hanlon Johnson -- Introduction / Amanda Williamson, Glenna Batson and Sarah Whatley -- Part I: Moving Spiritualities / Amanda Williamson -- Embodiment of Spirit: From Embryology to Authentic Movement as Embodied Relational Spiritual Practice / Linda Hartley -- The Alchemy of Authentic Movement: Awakening Spirit in the Body / Tina Stromsted -- Dancing in the Spirit of Sophia / Jill Hayes -- Body Ensouled, Enacted and Entranced : Movement/Dance as Transformative Art / Daria Halprin -- Dancing on the Breath of Limbs : Embodied Inquiry as a Place of Opening / Celeste Snowber -- 'Can They Dance?' : Towards a Philosophy of Bodily Becoming / Kimerer L. LaMothe -- Part II: Reflections on the Intersections of Spiritualities and Pedagogy / Sarah Whatley -- Reflections on the Spiritual Dimensions of Somatic Movement Dance Education / Martha Eddy, Amanda Williamson and Rebecca Weber -- Postmodern Spirituality? A Personal Narrative / Jill Green --Working Like a Farmer : Towards an Embodied Spirituality / Helen Poynor -- Intimate to Ultimate : The Meta-Kinesthetic Flow of Embodied Engagement / Glenna Batson -- Permission and the Making of Consciousness / Sondra Fraleigh -- Conversations about the Somatic Basis of Spiritual Experiences / Sylvie Fortin, Ninoska Gomez, Yvan Joly, Linda Rabin, Odile Rouquet and Lawrence Smith -- Inner Dance : Spirituality and Somatic Practice in Dance Technique, Choreography and Performance / Kathleen Debenham and Pat Debenham -- This Indivisible Moment: A Meditation on Language, Spirit, Magic and Somatic Practice / Ray Schwartz -- Global Somatics Process : A Contemporary Shamanic Approach / Suzanne River, interviewed by Kathleen Melin -- Part III: Cultural Immersions and Performance Excursions / Glenna Batson -- Dancing N/om / Hillary Keeney and Bradford Keeney -- Dancing with the Divine : Dance Education and the Embodiment of Spirit, from Bali to America / Susan Bauer -- The Sacrum and the Sacred : Mutual Transformation of Performer and Site through Ecological Movement in a Sacred Site / Sandra Reeve -- Dancing and Flourishing : Mindful Meditation in Dance-Making and Performing / Sarah Whatley and Naomi Lefebvre Sell -- 'What You Cannot Imagine' : Spirituality in Akram Khan's Vertical Road / Jayne Stevens.

Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities : Contemporary Sacred Narratives