Chinese International Investments


Chinese International Investments



Edited by Ilan Alon, former College at Brockport faculty member, Marc Fetscherin, and Phillippe Guger.

Includes introduction and four chapters co-authored by Ilan Alon, former College at Brockport faculty member.

Chinese International Investments provides authoritative academic and professional insights into Chinese international investments in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. It offers a wide range of up-to-date academic insights and findings, which are rounded off with lessons to be learnt from historical developments (success and failure stories), an evaluation of current trends and the motives and modes of entries used by Chinese companies. Contributions on outward foreign direct investments from China in different regions of the world, specific industry and case studies and theoretical contributions highlight the need for such additional research in this emergent area of international business.



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Houndmills, UK ; New York, N.Y. : Palgrave Macmillan, c2012.

xviii, 419 pages : illustrated ; 22 cm.


Finance and Financial Management | International Business


Business Administration and Economics


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CONTENTS: Introduction / Ilan Alon, Marc Fetscherin and Philippe Gugler -- Part I. Macro-environmental determinants of Chinese FDI. An Institutional Perspective and the Role of the State for Chinese OFDI / Bing Ren, Hao Liang and Ying Zheng -- Home Country Macroeconomic Determinants of Chinese OFDI / William Wei, Ilan Alon and Liqiang Ni -- The Role of Country of Origin and Chinese OFDI / Paz Estrella Tolentino -- Chinese SWFs: At the Crossroad between the Visible and the Invisible Hand / Michael Keller and Laura Vanoli -- Part II. Micro-Environmental Determinants of Chinese FDI. Motives and Patterns of Reverse FDI by Chinese Manufacturing Firms / Xiaobo Wu, Wanling Ding and Yongjiang Shi -- A Two-way Causal Link between Internationalization and CEO Equity Ownership in Chinese Firms / Xiaohui Liu and Jiangyong Lu -- Effects of Absorptive Capacity on International Acquisitions of Chinese Firms / Ping Deng -- Part III. Chinese FDI in Europe and North America. Push and Pull Factors for Chinese OFDI in Europe / Yun Schüler-Zhou, Margot Schüller and Magnus Brod -- The Rise of Chinese OFDI in Europe / Jan Knoerich -- Chinese M&A in Germany / Yipeng Liu and Michael Woywode -- Chinese SMEs in Prato, Italy / Anja Fladrich -- Chinese State-Controlled Funds and Entities in Canada / Xiaohua Lin and Qianyu Chen -- Part IV. Chinese FDI in Africa. Chinese OFDI in Africa: Trends, Prospects, and Threats / Gayle Allard -- Chinese OFDI in Sub-Saharan Africa / Raphael Kaplinsky and Mike Morris -- Part V. Cases of Chinese FDI. The Case of Florida Splendid China / Wenxian Zhang -- Benelli and Q J Compete in the International Motorbike Arena / Francesca Spigarelli, William Wei and Ilan Alon -- Geely's Internationalization and Volvo's Acquisition / Marc Fetscherin and Paul Beuttenmuller -- Final Reflections / Ilan Alon, Marc Fetscherin and Philippe Gugler.

Chinese International Investments