Exchanging Clothes


Exchanging Clothes



Edited by Cristina Giorcelli and Paula Rabinowitz.

Includes a chapter by College at Brockport faculty member Alicia Chase: Like their first pair of high-heeled shoes: continental accessories and Audrey Hepburn's cinematic coming of age.

Clothing may not make the man (or woman), but it helps. How clothing as a vestige and artifact and as transmitter of identity moves from one use to another, from one fantasy to another fad, from one literary source to another visual one: these are the concerns of the essays in this volume. The second in a four-part series charting the social, cultural, and political expression of clothing, dress, and accessories, Exchanging Clothes focuses on the concept of transnational "circulation and exchange"--Not only the global exchange of material commodities across time and space but also of the ideas, images, colors, and textures related to fashion. Essays examine the parade of heroes past, from Homer and Virgil to Dante and Ariosto, wearing armor or nothing; the social power of a tie or of a safety pin sprung from punk fashion to the red carpet; a Midwestern thrift store, from cheap labor to cheap purchase, as a microcosm of global circulation; and lesbian pulp fiction as how-to-dress manuals. Whether looking at Kate Chopin's silk stockings, Nellie Bly's capacious bag, Audrey Hepburn's cross-Atlantic travels, rings in James Merrill's poetry, or feminine ornaments in Algeria, these essays offer an ever-expanding vision of how fashion moves through culture and the economy, reflecting and determining identity at every stage and turn of the transaction.--Publisher



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Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2012.

xxii, 265 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.

Series: Habits of being ; 2


Fashion Design | Gender and Sexuality | Sociology of Culture




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CONTENTS: Walking the walk: circulation and exchange / Paula Rabinowitz -- Accessory questions / Laura Montani -- Krizia and accessories / Mariuccia Mandelli -- The dress of thought: clothing and nudity in Homer, Virgil, Dante, and Ariosto / Anne Hollander -- Orbits of power: rings in James Merrill's poetry / Andrea Mariani -- Sheer luxury: Kate Chopin's "A pair of silk stockings" / Cristina Giorcelli -- Traveling light: Nellie Bly's all-inclusive bag / Cristina Scatamacchia -- Like their first pair of high-heeled shoes: continental accessories and Audrey Hepburn's cinematic coming of age / Alisia Grace Chase -- Word-processed for you by a professional seamstress / Karen Reimer -- Slips of the tongue: lesbian pulp fiction as how-to-dress manuals / Paula Rabinowitz -- A safety pin for Elizabeth: hard-edge accessorizing from punk subculture to high fashion / Vittoria C. Caratozzolo -- A knot to untie: social power, fetishism, and communication in the social history of the tie / Nello Barile -- Ornaments and feminine clothing tradition in Algeria; or, The identity quest / Chafika Dib-Marouf -- It is a garage sale at Savers every day: an ethnography of the Savers Thrift Department Store in Minneapolis / Katalin Medvedev -- Speaking out and speaking up: the circulating power of fashion / Cristina Giorcelli.

Exchanging Clothes