Innovation in business education in emerging markets


Innovation in business education in emerging markets



Contents: Management Education in Africa: Prospects and Challenges / John R. McIntyre, Ilan Alon -- Advancing People Skills for Twenty-First Century Business Education in Chile / John Kuada -- Emerging Trends in Higher Education in the GCC: A Critical Assessment / Carlos A. Albornoz, Maria-Teresa Lepeley -- An Overview of the Indian Education System: From Its Religious Roots to Its Present Incarnation / Mourad Dakhli, Dina El Zohairy --The Development of Business Education in a Young, Entrepreneurial Country: The Case of Israel / Jitender Gill -- Business Education in the Emerging Economy of Vietnam: Twenty Years of Expectations, Illusions and Lessons / Diana Bank, Tamar Almor -- Economic and Management Education in China: The Pros and Cons of Emulating the US Model / Quan Hoang Vuong, Tri Dung Tran, Nancy K. Napier, Thuy Ha Dau -- International Accreditation of Business Schools in Emerging Markets: A Study of FGV-EAESP and Insper in Brazil / Penelope B. Prime -- Business Education and Ethics: The Case of Mexico as an Emerging Market / Eric Ford Travis -- Stakeholder Dialogues in Transition Economies: Educating and Training Leaders to Build Relations between Investors and Local Communities / Francisco Iracheta, Diana Bank -- A Review of the Current Status of Mobile Apps in Education: Implications for Emerging Countries’ Business Education Strategies / Roland Bardy, Maurizio Massaro -- India Today: From Brain Drain to Brain Gain / Christoph Lattemann, Ferial Khaddage -- Reaping the Benefits of Brain Circulation: The Impact of the Overseas Study and the Returnees on the Development of the Management Education in China / P.I. Lavakare -- Outsourcing Global Skills Development to Australian Vocational Colleges: A Case Study on Reverse Transnationalization / Wenxian Zhang -- New Ways to Think about Business Education for Emerging Markets / Valeri Chukhlomin, Irina Chukhlomina.



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Houndmills [Eng.] : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

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Innovation in business education in emerging markets