The Reverse Detective : Pragmatic Software Requirements & Analysis


The Reverse Detective : Pragmatic Software Requirements & Analysis



Collaboration between a College at Brockprot Brockport alumnus (Thomas A. Bullinger) and current faculty member (Sandeep Mitra).

Software failure is a CRIME! Here's how to prevent it. The Reverse Detective is an easy-to-read, breakthrough book that shows you how to prevent software failure by using the same disciplined, step-by-step process used by professional detectives to solve crimes. There's just one difference: You put the traditional Sherlock Holmes approach in reverse. The result? Instead of solving the crime of software failure, you prevent it by precisely determining and modeling the right requirements before you begin writing code. Getting software development right from the start ... when you put the Reverse Detective process to work, you'll minimize the chance of blown budgets, missed timelines, endless revision rounds, and other career-busting problems. Now you know why this practical, enjoyable guide is destined to become a must-read for everyone with a major stake in software development, including: executives, business managers and process owners, and hands-on software engineers—Publisher’s description.



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Rochester, N.Y. : WME Books, c2006.

v, 233 p. : illustrations ; 22 cm +1 CD-ROM in back pocket.


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Located in Drake Library at: QA76.76 .D47B85 2006

By Thomas A. Bullinger with Sandeep Mitra.

The Reverse Detective : Pragmatic Software Requirements & Analysis