Mind-Bending Math and Science Activities for Gifted Students (Grades K-12)


Mind-Bending Math and Science Activities for Gifted Students (Grades K-12)



Here is a reference and guide for teachers and parents who may not be aware of the resources available to help their students succeed. This book examines the many aspects of gifted thinking in relation to math and science and features competitions and curricula that can be easily adapted to students' lifestyles outside of the classroom. Mind-Bending Math and Science Activities for Gifted Students (For Grades K-12) is a helpful guide for math and science teachers, as well as for parents with limited backgrounds in math and science. Advice, vignettes, and cartoons are included.--Publisher's description



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Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2006.

xvi, 166 p. : illustrations ; 23 cm.


Gifted Education


Education and Human Development


Located in Drake Library at: JUV QA16 .C35 2006

By Rosemary Callard-Szulgit, Greg Karl Szulgit.

CONTENTS:Part one: Math activities. Creative conversions (and the "Smoot") -- Using Microsoft Excel as a teaching tool -- Figure this -- Lunch bunch -- The map problem -- Math question of the day -- Mind-benders -- Place-value games -- Stock market game -- Snowflakes -- STEM -- Part two: Science activities. Chemistry Olympiad -- Challenger center for space science education -- The cutting edge -- Hurricane hunters -- The Intel science talent search -- JASON expedition -- Life might be out there -- Marble machines -- Nature's artful architecture -- Pinhole cameras -- Science Olympiad -- Science toy maker -- Space day-101 ways to celebrate -- Tiny words -- Tree of life -- Part three: Technology/business opportunities. Girls go tech -- Let's get real -- The PPG industries foundation -- Part four: Still more activities. Academic decathlon and Northrup corporation -- Can't you sit still? -- Classroom Earth and environmental experimental education -- Explorer schools and NASA -- Internet chess club -- Inversions -- MIT inventeams -- A walk in the woods -- Part five: Academic environs. Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) -- MEADOW -- Moss Meadow School -- The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics -- Part six: Reflections on education. Did you know you're my hero? -- I forgive you -- Gifted children speak to us -- A letter to the parents -- Three popular questions and commonsense answers.

Mind-Bending Math and Science Activities for Gifted Students (Grades K-12)