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Editors: Nigel B. Crowther, Robert K. Barney, Michael K. Heine.

Includes chapters by two College at Brockport faculty members:

Cesar R. Torres. A persistent desire : an account of Buenos Aires' efforts to host the Olympic Games and

Wanda Wakefield. Bobsled controversy and Squaw Valley's Olympic Winter Games.

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London, Ont. : International Centre for Olympic Studies, University of Western Ontario, c2006.

v, 421 p. ; 28 cm.


Sports Sciences


Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education


Located in Drake Library at: GV721.5 .C85 2006

CONTENTS: The Ancient Olympics and beyond. Of sport, service, and sacrifice : rethinking the religious heritage / Heather Reid -- Pietro Metastasio's L'Olimpiade ; a textual exegesis and an analysis of the role of L'Olimpiade in Olympic Games history -- The Olympic summer Games. A long night's journey into day : the odyssey of the butterfly stroke in international swimming / David E. Barney, Robert K. Barney -- Basketball bedlam in Barcelona : the dream team, a reflection of the globe's "new order" / Carson Cunningham -- History of Olympic rowing in Canada / Celia M. Hernandez, Humberto Garcia Garcia -- Douglas Fairbanks and the birth of Hollywood's love affair with the Olympics / Rusty Wilson -- J. Sigfrid Edstrom and the Nurmi Affair of 1932 : the struggle of the amateur fundamentalists against professionalism in the Olympic movement -- The Olympic Winter Games. The Olympic Winter Institute of Australia : a unique partnership mode for high performance sport / Richard Baka -- Marketing the Olympic rings : examining the marketing impacts and expectations of the 2006 and 2010 Olympic Winter Games / Cheri L. Bradish -- "No passion at the Palavela" : Sonia Bianchetti Garbato and figure skating's new judging system -- From Terje to the flying red tomato : snowboarding's incorporation into the Olympic Games / Elizabeth A. Hanley -- The bobsled controversy and Squaw Valley's Olympic Winter Games / Wanda Wakefield -- The Olympic movement : legacies, values, and education. Evolution of Olympic sponsorship and its impact on the Olympic movement / Chrysostomos Giannoulakis, David Stotlar -- The Olympic (affordable) housing legacy and social responsibility / Helen Jefferson Lenskyj -- Avoiding Olympic imperialism : shedding trickle-down Olymponomics : in favor of "all sports for all people" / Byron Peacock -- Olympic values in the twenty-first century : between continuity and change / Otavio Tavares --;Olympic education : fundamentals, success and failures / Stephan Wassong -- IOC personalities of the old school. An Olympian life : Herman Adriaan van Karnebeek, Dutch IOC member, a man for all seasons / Anthony Bijkerk -- Olympic personas / Maynard Brichford -- "Almost the last American disciple of pure Olympic Games amateurism" : John J. Garland's tenure on the International Olympic Committee, 1948-1968 / John A. Lucas -- James G.B. Merrick (1871-1946) : sports organizer, negotiator, Canada's second IOC member / Garth A. Paton -- National Olympic issues : cultural imperialism, Germany, and Newfoundland. Cultural imperialism and the diffusion of sport in Africa : a comparison of pre- and post- Second World War contexts / Dikaia Chatziefstathiou, Ian Henry, Eleni Theodraki, Mansour Al-Tauqi -- Where Denazification and democratization intersect : the State Department and Foreign Office's role in the re-formation of the German Olympic Committee / Heather L. Dichter -- A "new-found" Olympic nation : Newfoundland's involvement in the Olympic Games, 1901-1934 / Fred Mason -- Gender, equality, and the Olympics. The ideal Olympic athlete : some thoughts and reflections on gender differences / Angela J. Schneider -- Conspicuously absent : an analysis of the introduction of lightweight women's rowing into the 1996 Olympic program / Amanda N. Schweinbenz -- Equality, equity, and inclusion : issues in women and transgendered athletes' participation at the Olympics / Sarah Teetzel -- Child's play : decreasing size and increasing risk in women's Olympic gymnastics / Kevin B. Wamsley, Gordon H. MacDonald -- "Up the shore without a pole" : an examination of the relationship between fair play and gender norms at the 2006 Winter Olympics / Charlene Weaving -- Olympic bids and future host cities. Torino 2006 : what kind of Olympic Winter Games were they? : a preliminary account from an organizational and economic perspective / Piervincenzo Bondonio, Nadia Campaniello --;Owning more than the podium : an examination of the policy network surrounding Canada's most recent Olympic athlete funding program / Anthony G. Church -- The conundrum of "Ilanaaq" : First Nations representation and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games / Christine M. O'Bonsawin -- A persistent desire : an account of Buenos Aires' efforts to host the Olympic Games / Cesar R. Torres.

Cultural Imperialism in Action, Critiques in the Global Olympic Trust : Eighth International Symposium for Olympic Research