Breaking the Alabaster Jar : Conversations with Li-Young Lee


Breaking the Alabaster Jar : Conversations with Li-Young Lee



Edited by Earl G. Ingersoll [College at Brockport emeritus].

Includes interviews of Brockport alumnus Li-Young Lee by several College at Brockport emeriti (Earl Ingersoll, William Heyen, Stan Rubin) and former faculty member (Anthony Piccione).

A collection of the best dozen interviews given by Li-Young Lee over the past twenty years. From a twenty-nine-year-old poet prodigy to a seasoned veteran in high demand for readings and appearances across the United States and abroad, these interviews capture Li-Young Lee at various stages of his artistic development. He not only discusses his family’s flight from political oppression in China and Indonesia, but how that journey affected his poetry and the engaging, often painful, insights being raised a cultural outsider in America afforded him. Other topics include spirituality (primarily Christianity and Buddhism) and a wide range of aesthetic topics such as literary influences, his own writing practices, the role of formal and informal education in becoming a writer, and his current life as a famous and highly sought-after American poet. --Publisher's description



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Rochester, NY : BOA Editions, 2006.

191 p. ; 23 cm.

American reader series ; v. 7.






Located in Drake Library at: PS3562.E35438 Z46 2006

CONTENTS: Introduction / Earl G. Ingersoll -- Seeing the power of poetry / William Heyen and Stan Sanvel Rubin -- A well of dark water / Bill Moyers -- Waiting for a final shapeliness to occur / Anthony Piccione and Stan Sanvel Rubin -- Art is who we are / Patty Cooper and Alex Yu -- Art and the deeper silence / Reamy Jansen -- Working to hear the hum / Laura Ann dearing and Michael Graber -- The more poetry, the more eternity -- Patricia Kirkpatrick -- The pregnant silence that opens / Indiana review -- Riding a horse that's just a little too wild for you / Tod Marshall -- The presence of an eternal mystery while folding clothes / Marie Jordan -- Saying goodbye to the 999 other poems / Alan Fox -- Finding a voice for the condition of allness / Earl G. Ingersoll.

Breaking the Alabaster Jar : Conversations with Li-Young Lee