Brockport Believes Essay Project


Joshua Roman

About the Author

I am from Long Island, which is a bit of a ways from home up here at the College at Brockport. I am Majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Aquatic Ecology/Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I am a brother of the international coed fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, will be the Vice-President of S.O.U.L, which stands for Sexual Orientations United for Liberation for those unaware of what that means, as well as President of the Art for Children's Club. I apparently have a sandpaper dry sense of humor according to my family as they got me four joke books for Christmas as well as two autobiographies of comedians and a joke book calendar, think they are trying to tell me something? Also with my major you will probably find me in one of the study rooms of the library.


Summer 2014