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Master of Arts (MA)


Speech Communication


Susan B. Anthony’s speech on "The Equal Right of All Citizens to the Ballot" marked a pivotal point in the woman's suffrage movement—whether women already had the right to vote or whether a constitutional amendment was needed to give it. It set forth for the consideration of the general public--those who may be called as the jury of her peers---the constitutional argument for woman's suffrage based on citizenship.

In a sense, Anthony was taking her case directly to the people. This could affect the outcome of her trial particularly, and the woman's movement generally. Considering the importance of the disposition of this trial a study of the rhetorical situation and the rhetorical strategies Anthony used in this speech would be valuable.

This study analyzes and evaluates the rhetorical strategies, such as the use of credibility, logical and emotional appeals and identification with audience values, used by Anthony in her speech in Monroe and Ontario counties prior to her trial for the crime of voting illegally.


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