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Throughout this problem students explored the concepts of probability, percentage, and graphic representations of data. Students began by discussing the variables involved in playing a game of darts including: player skill level, strength, accuracy, coordination, gravity, etc. They then made hypothesized the number of darts out of 100 attempts that would land in each of the point value areas. During the remainder of the project, the class tested their hypothesis through a real life dart board model and an online dartboard simulation model. Students used a real-life magnetic dartboard to collectively gather data on 100 darts thrown and an online simulation dartboard to collect data individually on 100 darts thrown. Students then analyzed the data and used Microsoft Excel and Geometer’s Sketch Pad to graphically represent the data within a circle graph. Using Excel students made circle graphs that represented the number of darts that landed on each point value area. Students used Geometer’s Sketch Pad to create a graph on the number of darts that landed on odd vs. even point value areas. Students learned a great deal about circle graphs and the mathematics involved in creating them.


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