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Our model would be utilized as a virtual lab in a sixth grade classroom. The agent sheets simulation would be set up previously so the kids can just play, observe, and interpret the model. In addition to following the simulation, the kids will also be given an excel worksheet. The worksheet includes tables to record data and questions about the experiment. In addition to learning about the biological component of sexual reproduction, there are many mathematics/statistics components of the lab. For example, the students will calculate the average number of boy versus girl babies based on their own experimental results; the class will then share their results in order to calculate a class average with more accuracy.

This lesson plan covers NYS Common Core Standards in Mathematics and Biology - Grade 6.

The primary file is a lesson plan, accompanied by supplemental files.

In the supplemental zipped files, you will find:

  1. Student worksheets
  2. Lesson plan
  3. Powerpoint presentations


Questions, comments or suggestions about this model may be sent to:

Dr. Leigh Little, The College at Brockport (1387 kB)
Lesson plans and supplemental files

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