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The way we can make use of this model in a classroom setting is by using it to explain to the students what Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) means, and how it affects the human body. The way this model works is the student will select a user to begin the simulation. Once they do that, the user character will appear in a party with a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. In this simulation the BAC of the user will increase by .05 (male) and .07 (female). If the BAC rate gets to .30 or higher, the user will die from alcohol poisoning. One of the ways they can manage the users drinking (to keep him/her alive) is by pacing themselves since BAC rates decrease over time.

In addition to this simulation, students will create graphs using a given formula on Microsoft Excel to look at the relationship between the different variables that affect a person’s BAC. The nature of this activity allows for a variety of involvement from both the students and the teacher. If the students are fairly independent and quick learners, then the teacher can have the students look at more variables. If the students require more assistance from the teacher, than the teacher can make some of the variable constant so the students have less unknowns to worry about.

Overall, these activities both help students to understand the relationship between drinking, BAC, and time, as well as practice with communication skills by discussing these relationships with their peers by looking at all of the graphs that were made in the classroom. These resources can be expanded or condensed based of the needs and desires of the teacher and students.

This project addresses the following NYS Standards:

Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematical Content and Practice

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