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Lesson Plan

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Summer 2013


The intent of this lesson plan is to demonstrate a physiological model of the blood buffer system using an Excel Worksheet to calculate Henderson-Hasselbalch Equations for Bicarbonate/Carbonic Acid Buffer pair in Blood and an Agentsheets game to see a visual representation of the chemical process within the body. This will incorporate LeChatelier’s principle in regards to the equilibrium of acids and bases in a buffer system and show how to calculate the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation to understand the ratio of acid to base equilibrium.

The primary file is a lesson plan, accompanied by supplemental files.

In the supplemental zipped files, you will find:

  1. Student worksheets
  2. Lesson plan
  3. Powerpoint presentations


Questions, comments or suggestions about this model may be sent to:

Dr. Leigh Little, The College at Brockport (4310 kB)
Lesson Plan and supplemental content

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Agent Sheets, Excel

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