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This model on the factors affecting successful embryo implantation should be used in a lesson that is embedded in the reproductive system unit. The students should run the model about ten times and record their findings first, and then break off into groups and do essentially the same thing but with the use of a different model. The second model would be our “Velcro tennis” game. This game allows students to throw different Velcro tennis balls (or other) onto a board. They can then record the amount of times each ball sticks to the Velcro board. With this information they can use a binomial probability formula to calculate to probability that each ball (or egg) has to stick to the Velcro board (uterus). This math can also simply be used in conjugation with the Agent Sheets model itself. After the activity, students should be given a ticket out the door activity, such as a “3-2-1” or “think-pair-share” before leaving. Another option would be to give students a short homework assignment to look up an authentic problem that is in the news and give a short summary of the problem and ideas they would have to fix it.

The primary file is a lesson plan, accompanied by supplemental files. In the supplemental zipped files, you will find:

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