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What do we – the Brockport community – want the College at Brockport to look like in the year 2025?

What is it about the College, about our community, about us, that the College in 2025 should embody? What are the values, the soul, the DNA – as it were – that must endure and that we would want the College of 2025 to reflect and for those of us privileged to be here in 2025, would want to be part of.

Thinking broadly, how do we envision the components that make the College (the academic core- the faculty and student – the essential programming and infrastructure – our staff and physical environment; and the broader community – our alumni, programmatic partners, and surrounding community)? What do we want it to look like?


Office of Advancement


Table 2 - Rey Sia, facilitator; Linda Snell, note taker Jeanette Banker, Becky Gillette, Glenn Goldberg, Terry Hooper, Roxanne Johnston, Lou Spiro

Table 3 – Summer Reiner, Facilitator; Frank Short, notetaker Vickie Elsenheimer, Rich Fenton, Lauren Kelly, Chris Harris, Dave Mihalyov, Beau Willis

Table 4 - Libby Caruso (facilitator), Judy Hunter, Anne Huot (note taker), Barbara Owen, Karen Owen, Bud Meade, Rosie Rich and Josh Silber

Table 7 - Steve Ireland (facilitator), Doug Scheidt (note taker), Joan Fenton, Fran Whited, Emory Morris, Kathy Halstead


This is a compilation of conversations held at 7 tables during a Capital Campaign Launch event for the Brockport Foundation.



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