College of 2025 Conversations

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The dinner conversation on:

What do we – the Brockport community – want the College at Brockport to look like in the year 2025?

What is it about the College, about our community, about us, that the College in 2025 should embody? What are the values, the soul, the DNA – as it were – that must endure and that we would want the College of 2025 to reflect and for those of us privileged to be here in 2025, would want to be part of.

Thinking broadly, how do we envision the components that make the College (the academic core- the faculty and student – the essential programming and infrastructure – our staff and physical environment; and the broader community – our alumni, programmatic partners, and surrounding community)? What do we want it to look like?


Chris Price, CELT/POL


Attendees: Kristen Heffernan, SWO; Karen Podsiadly, Community Dev; Susan Stites-Doe, BUS; Laurie Cook, BIO; Susan Orr, POL; Kim Piatt, Leadership Program; Mark Chadsey, POL/Senate