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When protests rage and apology follows, the result often increases disorder. Among the angry cries for change is corresponding citizen fear, leaking from every human pore, due to uncertainty. All manner of disruption takes place, and the outcomes are seldom positive. Groups who see an opening to argue a point of view or philosophical position, not for sustainable change, rather a noisy agenda are all too often driven by aggressive behavior. Compromise is not the goal; it is complete alteration regardless of ancillary issues.

The media flocks to the scene, the cameras roll, and the entire exhibition become a slogan, demand or other sought after outcome and the whole fracas arises from a few words that are used to incite and push an agenda. The problem is we never know who or what lies in the background, the silent energy behind the commotion. We react to conjecture and a severe lack of facts – a worst case scenario on which to address pressing problems and their resolution.


From the author's book, “Issues in Policing and Requisite Challenges” (2016), ISBN-13: 978-1540375841.