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In my twenty-four years in policing as a sworn officer and chief, followed by an additional twenty-five plus years in higher education, I have some personal observations that I want to share. I refer to the existing polarized state of police and community hyperbole. The new mantra of “breaking news” does not wait until the facts are known before judgment is cast. Yes, some of it is bias and subject to special interests, but to the majority of us, policing has a distinct and essential place in society to keep the peace and to knock down crime and criminality. An important aspect sometimes lost is the absolute need to engage in police and community partnerships centered on collaborative quality of life efforts. The police are not separate from the community, and neither is the community different from the police. Stop acting as if that is true!

This post will undoubtedly bring retort as everything seems to do so these days. There are six steps to be taken to improve police and community conditions, with those who want a harmonious society and not turmoil for selfish reasons. The following aspects, when strengthened, can make a difference, at least to my beliefs and experience.


From the author's book, “Issues in Policing and Requisite Challenges” (2016), ISBN-13: 978-1540375841.