The Department of Criminal Justice is committed to providing a comprehensive undergraduate professional education, grounded in the liberal arts, that fosters critical and creative thinking skills, focusing on the theory and practice of American justice systems designed to deal with the causes and consequences of criminal behavior.

Collected here are honors theses produced by students in Department of Criminal Justice at the College at Brockport.


Theses from 2019


How Social Media Effects College Students’ Perceptions of Police Brutality, Christina Conkling

Theses from 2018


Rape Culture or a Culture of Rape? American Rape Culture Compared to South African Rape Accommodating Culture, Sarah Brown

Theses from 2017


Sex Trafficking of Minors in New York State, Porsche Taylor

Theses from 2016


The Verdict on the CSI Effect: A Study of the Effect in Monroe County Courtrooms, Paige Monachino

Theses from 2011


A Study of Investigating Child Abuse, Bryan Cairnduff

Theses from 2005


Criminal Profiling as a Psychologically Influenced Aid to Criminal Investigations, Melissa Hadley