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Oil on cardboard

This appears to be Anne Barton, whom Cummings biographer Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno wrote, "In many ways, she was the ultimate 1920s flapper." Anne Barton was Cummings' second wife, whom he married in 1929. She divorced him in 1932 in Mexico and he divorced her in 1934 on Long Island (apparently unsure if the Mexican divorce was legal) after she became involved with a surgeon named Joseph Girdanski.

Donor / Restoration Funded By

Susan K. Maloney in memory of her parents, Margaret H. and John T. Kwas


17 1/2" x 8 3/4"

Condition Summary

Surface dirt moderate. Support very brittle. Loss bottom right corner, top left corner, top right corner. Small losses and breaks at edges. Medium sunken in. Oil staining on verso. Horizontal stress cracks throughout verso.

Restoration Summary

Surface clean. Surface clean oil medium. Alkaline reserve. Patch corners. Insert losses. Line. Consolidate medium. In-paint losses. Slipcase or solid support.




The Hildegarde Lasell Watson Collection of Artworks by E.E. Cummings