Dissenting Voices is a student engineered eJournal collaboratively designed, authored, and published by undergraduate Women and Gender Studies majors in connection with their Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at the College at Brockport. Dissenting Voices grows out of a course learning structure through which Women and Gender Studies students could reflect upon their undergraduate experience in the discipline, and through engagement, activism, and synthesis of acquired knowledge, establish a theoretical foundation to inform future feminist practices. Course readings comprised students’ discipline-specific interests, enabling an intellectual forum in which majors dialogued on a women and gender focused topic. This work culminated in a meaningful capstone project grounded in contemporary and emerging feminist scholarship. Journal topics span issues organic to college campuses and surrounding communities. In broader strokes, they call into question contested gender equity measures overlaying home and nation. Dissenting Voices preserves the authenticity of student voice, sanctioning a wide range of ability and talent as engendered within students’ senior seminar coursework. Error in topic interpretation can occur and is the nature of undergraduate student learning.

Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 (2021)

Dissenting Voices volume nine was completed during the very challenging context of a global pandemic. The authors and the student and faculty reviewers worked as a collective, supporting each other and working where and how they could to achieve this volume. Volume nine showcases six authors who tackle a wide range of topics salient to Women and Gender Studies, all with a particular focus on representation and its material consequences...Read more below

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Dissenting Voices Volume 9 Issue 1 (Spring 2020) Complete Issue
Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at The College at Brockport, Courtney Earle, Ciarra McFarland, Samantha Newsom, Isaiah Louis-Jean, shantise balkum, Megan Wright, and Milo Obourn

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Cover of DV9 features a screen shot of DV authors participating in an online Zoom meeting.

Dissenting Voices Cover Art

The journal cover portrays the balance of strangeness, struggle, community, and joy that our Senior Seminar experienced. On it we are in our Zoom “boxes,” each holding an object meaningful to us and our work, dressed in rainbow colors including Black and Brown (Note from the Editor).

Image by Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at SUNY Brockport.