Table of Contents

Opening Voices

- Our Voices Ashley Mckay, Nellie Dennis, Molly Stanton, Laura Clark, & Devone Scala, i

- Note from the Editor Barbara LeSavoy, ii

- Interrogations of Community from the Women and Gender Studies Program at The College at Brockport Ashley Mckay, 1

- Abortion: Silencing of Women’s Experiences Molly Stanton, 25

- Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Nellie A. Dennis, 38

- Media, Objectification and Sexual Assault Devone Scala, 53

- The Hidden Feminist Progressive of Mistral Laura Clark, 68

More Voices

- WMS 421 Spring 2013 Activism Photo Essay: One Billion Rising; Transgender Awareness; Stop Street Harassment, 78

- WMS 421 Spring 2013 Activism Videos: One Billion Rising: V-Day Brockport Break the Chain Flash Mobs, 79