Volume 3, Issue 1 (2014)

Note from the Editor

Dissenting Voices volume three is substantive and robust. Diverse student authors straddle an array of women and gender topics, writing in traditional essay format that infuses theoretical depth and dimension into the volume. Two remarkable essays open the volume. The first is an analysis of gender and sexual identity as lived by a gay man who was a 1954 graduate of The College at Brockport; the second interrogates race and gender, teasing out paradoxical behavior codes that society inscribes on Black female identity. Four distinctive essays center the volume...(Read more below).

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Dissenting Voices Volume 3 Issue 1 (Spring 2014) Complete Issue
Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at The College at Brockport

Opening Voices


Our Voices
Celeste Cooper, Michele Haddad, Kelsey Mahoney, Andrea Moore, Lucienne Nicholson, Ben Roberts, and Cherrie Watson


Note from the Editor
Barbara LeSavoy


Lay Down Your Cross
Celeste Cooper


Pink Transgressions
Lucienne Nicholson

More Voices


WMS 421 Spring 2014 Activism Photo Essay
Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at The College at Brockport


Executive Editor
Barbara LeSavoy, PhD, The College at Brockport
Managing Editor
Patricia E. Maxwell, MLS, The College at Brockport
Editorial Board
Megan Obourn, PhD, The College at Brockport
Barbara Mitrano, EdD, The College at Brockport
Tristan Bridges, PhD, The College at Brockport
Amber Humphrey, MA, The College at Brockport

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Lucienne Nicholson, '14
Oliver Haynes