Table of Contents:

Opening Voices

- Our Voices: Celeste Cooper, Michele Haddad, Kelsey Mahoney, Andrea Moore, ’Lucienne Nicholson, Ben Roberts, Cherrie Watson, i

- Note from the Editor Barbara LeSavoy, ii

- Gay New York: From Bars to Bathhouses Ben Roberts, p. 1

- Lay down Your Cross Celeste Cooper, p. 19

- Microcredit: A Model of Empowerment for Women? Kelsey Mahoney, p. 33

- Reframing Sexual Responsibility: Hooking Up Andrea Moore, p. 51

- Peppermint Patty: A Mint or a Vagina Michele Haddad, p. 65

- Violence in Deaf Culture: My Story, My Voice Cherrie Watson, p. 81

- Pink Transgressions: Black Girl and the Intra-feminist Politics of Place Lucienne Nicholson, p. 81

- WMS 421 Spring 2014 Activism Photo Essay , p. 119